So much personality!!!

So, we are currently going through the "MINE" stage...wooo hooo~!
Yes, I had to get this video of Vickie dancing on the bar.  We got in trouble with Daddy, but it's just too cute not to do at least once :)
Yup, I've been "shushed"

1 1/2 Years Old!!!

Vickie is 18 months as of 10/11/12.  I haven't been posting much to this blog so I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments over the last couple of months.  Time to reel in the summer and head into Fall.

 First time getting pigtails.
 Visiting the local park in VanZandt.
 Just chillin' at Addie & Carry's party :)
 My goofy diva at Blue Mountain Grill.  She didn't want to sit with mommy & daddy when there was a table all for herself.
 Off to stomp in the river.  The weather is definately getting colder!
Enjoying one of our last beautiful, summer weekends for a while.

Here's a couple of cute video's for you too!


California Road Trip

Dan and I decided it was time to take our first road trip as a family, to see family, down in California.  I have been there twice now.  The first time was when Dan and I got married in 2007 and then again 2 years ago for our anniversay (he he he....when Vickie was conceived).

I had been really skeptical about taking a 15 month on a two day drive.  We haven't even driven to Seattle and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  A few tips that were given to me worked great...make lots of stops to play, let her watch her favorite movies in the car and purchase a new toy only for the trip.  It wasn't the most relaxing drive, but we managed!
 I downloaded an app for my phone called Park Finder.  It didn't always work but the few times it did was great.  It gave Vickie an opportunity to not only get out of the car to run around, but to wear off some energy playing on slides and making new friends.
 Which also helped tire her out so Mommy & Daddy could finally listed to the radio, instead of Baby Einstein videos :)

 We finally arrived Friday evening at Uncle Chuck & Aunt Leslies place in Antelope, CA.  Vickie actually did better in the car on the second day and we were able to cover a lot more miles.  When we left friday morning from Eugene, I wasn't expecting to make it there until Saturday.
 We spent the next 5 days enjoying the sun, water and especially FAMILY!  Vickie got to meet so many of her cousins and spend some quality time with her Great Grandma Kit...who she absolutely loved.
 This girl could not stay out of the pool!  Talk about a water baby.  She was so insistent on swimming on her own that I decided to get her a new bathing suit, one with a life jacket built in.
 This thing came in so handy the couple of times she decided to go swimming on her own!!!  By the end of the trip though, she learned that she needed to hold someone's hand to help her get in the water.  She was pretty upset when she fell in on accident :)


 Great Grandma Kit!
 Cousin Maddy & Uncle Jack
 So much family!  I wish I could have gotten a picture with everyone which was just too hard to do while chasing around this busy bee.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect vacation.  I got to spend quality time with my family, enjoy the beautiful weather in California and experience parenthood from a whole different perspective...from the road :)  I miss everyone so much, but it is nice to be home again.

A few new pictures to share

 Happy Father's Day!
 Climbing the slide at daycare.
 Super cool chick...practicing wearing our sunglasses.
A big "thumbs up" for momma's spaghetti dinners.

Dancing Baby!!!

I'm not sure how many times I've watched this video since I took cracks me up EVERY time!